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Ignite: Mind Body Detox & Cacao Ceremony w/ Sohini

Saturday, April 11th, 7pm – 10pm CACAO CEREMONY INITIATION leads us into our powerful night. IGNITE! Mind/Body Detox™ is a transformational workshop that combines breath, movement and sound to allow the Total Being to shine through. Participants are able to strip away layers of ego, tap into limitation and reawaken their Powerful Authentic Self. This workshop is for those who are READY to work on themselves and READY for an exciting push towards clarity, aliveness and freedom. Participants are able to strip away the layers of ego, limitation and find the space for their Total and Authentic Self. Set fire to the old and light the spark for the new. Get ready for an immediate shift to dive in and explore, in a safe and encouraging space. Please bring a water bottle and wear layered comfortable clothing. All adults welcome; Venmo $35. More info at:

PREVIOUS WORKSHOPS @ 116 (Stay tuned for next dates).

Virgo Full Moon Ritual w/ Melodie Fallon

Stay tuned for next date, 6pm-7:30pm. Gather the Sunday before the Full Moon in Virgo to play, inspire and create as community. Melodie Fallon will share earth based rituals including guided meditation with plants associated with Virgo and the Full Moon. Understanding key astrology components will help inspire our intentions. Everyone is welcome to join, all genders and ages. Bring a journal and any other alter items you would like to have with you. Sliding scale $11-$22 (Venmo & Paypal; Venmo – Melodie Fallon (pic is with a sheep) Paypal- ) If you want to come and don’t have the funds, please contact Melodie at

Alt Valentine’s Day Yoga & Massage Workshop

Friday, February 14th: 6:30pm-8:00pm Anthony & Garza will be facilitating a 90 minute workshop on partner yoga and massage as an alternative to the capitalist colonization and commodification of love. Come learn some basic techniques to safely practice yoga with a partner and to give/receive yoga massage and assists with your loved ones. We all have tension. We are not alone. Let’s love our bodies together. Queer Folx & PoC especially welcome. Come alone (we can partner you up if you want to meet someone new). Come with your partner. Come with your queer partner. Come with your mom. Come with your dad. Come with your multiple partners. Come with your uncle. Come with your friend. Come with your mail carrier. Come with a stranger.  Come grounded. Come as a hot mess. Come late. Leave early. Just come. Sliding Scale $0 – $30/per person.

Intro to Anna Halprin & the “Life/Art Process” with Natasha Brooks-Sperduti

February 16th, 5:30pm – 8:30pm. We will begin the evening with a screening of “BREATH MADE VISIBLE”, the first feature length film about the life and career of Anna Halprin, the American dance pioneer who helped redefine modern art with her belief in dance’s power to teach, heal, and transform at all ages of life. This cinematic portrait blends recent interviews, archival footage (including her establishment of the first multiracial dance company in the U.S.), and excerpts of current performances to weave a stunning, inspiring account of one of the most important cultural icons in modern dance. View trailer here: After the film, Tamalpa Institute Expressive Arts Teacher candidate Natasha Brooks-Sperduti will lead us in an exploration of movement to integrate the experience of watching the film and have an embodied experience of the multi media expressive arts modality called the Life/Art Process, that Anna developed, and which Natasha will teach at 116 Calverly this Spring. Suggested donation: $10.

Embodied Desire: Somatic Skills for Sexual Pleasure with Elise Bish

Friday, February 21st, 6:30pm-9pm. Satisfying sexual experiences require presence from our whole selves: mind, body, and spirit. However, in our largely sex-negative culture, there are so many ways that we can become disconnected from our pleasure bodies. Whether you’ve been shamed for your desires in the past, experienced sexual trauma, have a tendency to follow the desires of others, or you are overworked, overwhelmed and stressed out, a healthy connection to our own desire can be a catalyst for transformation and healing. This workshop will create space for an embodied exploration of how you understand, experience, feel, and express desire and pleasure. We’ll talk through the most common blocks to desire, and learn body-based skills and practices to move through your pleasure barriers. Through meditation, movement, ecstatic breathwork, and somatic exercises, you’ll reconnect to what turns you on, lights you up, and brings you joy. This is a clothes-on workshop, there will be no nudity or explicit sexual touch. People of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship styles are welcome. Solo participants will be paired, with consent, for partnered activities, feel free to invite a friend/partner/lover to pair with. Register for the workshop: Have questions? Email Elise at

Heart Allies w/ Iya Soro

Stay Tuned for next Date. Embracing the support of the Heart Allies, this workshop will start with Ceremony of Cacao and Kava to promote heart opening, relaxation and receptivity to connection. Melodie and Alexa will facilitate a blend of yin yoga, conscious therapeutic touch, and psycho-spiritual inquiry. The workshop concludes with a soft group connection circle solidify your new connections and friendships! Suggested Donation: $35 One seat is always open for full tuition waver. Please email Event capped at 12; please preregister at:

Dancing with Reiki w/ Michael Swerdloff

Stay tuned for next date. Come experience Reiki in a new way! No experience with Reiki or Dance to participate. We will begin with a Group Reiki Attunement followed by a very basic Reiki Training. Then we will explore moving with Reiki. As the group dives deeper into movement, we will “dance” together! This may include physical contact and touch.  Please Register in advance by contacting Fee is $35. (Note: This is not a complete Reiki Training. Find a First Degree Reiki Training that includes all Four First Degree Reiki Attunements plus ten hours of Training if that is what you are feeling inspired to pursue as well.)

Gong Bath w/ Tamara

Stay tuned for next date. Enter the Cave of Soul~stice Sweetness: Gong Bath and Deep Dive into Divine Rest ~yogi style. Join Tamara Lee for an evening of restorative poses and penetrating gong vibration that supply the necessary support to trust the darkness and the time of regeneration so needed for our souls to be nourished. Expect some chanting, some breathing exercises, yoga nidra (guided relaxation), conscious contemplations and of course a gong bath. $20.

“An Intimate Puja: A Focus on Gratitude” with Robyn Vogel

Stay tuned for next date. Together we play, open and explore using simple heart-opening exercises, tantra practices and meditation which reconnect us to our deepest sense of love and joy. This Intimate Puja will focus on giving thanks for both the light (gifts) and dark (shadows) of our lives, building intimacy with others and cultivating the pleasure that you actually deserve to experience. This is a heart-opening, loving, sensual, non-sexual, clothing on, sacred and spiritual event where consent is taught, learned and expected. All genders, orientations and identities are welcome. Singles and couples are welcome. Fee is $35; Space limited to 24. This workshop sells out every time in Boston so register early to ensure your spot. More info and frequently asked questions here: REGISTER HERE:

“Biofield Group Tuning” w/ Marlisa

Stay tuned for next date. Biofield Tuning is an energy modality providing focused nervous system relaxation to assist healing & help alleviate a wide range of health issues. BIOFIELD TUNING uses sound therapy – an ancient healing medium utilized globally for thousands of years- to work with the human ‘biofield’ the electromagnetic energy that surrounds and infuses the human body. The unique, proprietary technique and energy flow Marlisa employs supports the body’s natural ability to heal on all levels: physical mental emotional, psychological, energetic & spiritual. Imagine receiving an ease in symptoms from PTSD, Depression, Grief, Addiction, Spiritual Awakening, Immune Boost, Brain Fog, Fatigue, lack of motivation, so much more… Book your PRIVATE SESSION by emailing .

Boundaries & Somatic Experiencing w/ Ada Johnson

Stay tuned for next date. In this 2 hour group Somatic Experiencing session, participants will create a collective container to develop increased awareness of our own internal boundaries while practicing ways to hold our boundaries when expressing to others both YES and NO.  Sliding scale $15-$30. NOTE: PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Email: Ada Johnson  <> to reserve your spot. In addition to her work as a bereavement doula, Ada Johnson practices Somatic Experiencing and has training and facilitation experience in the empowerment based self defense created by Home Alive. All proceeds go towards the work of HawthornGriefCare, providing accompaniment, connection and support for bereaved parents and others facing grief and loss.

The Queen Bee Cabaret

Stay tuned for dates.

TBD Productions presents “The Queen Bee Cabaret.” More info forthcoming.

“Real Fake Healing” with Steph Turner

Stay tuned for next date. Pre-registration appreciated but not necessary. For more info or to register, email . Sliding scale $12-$25. “When we can bring the fullness of our self to a moment/to our relationships without expectation and instead, leading with curiosity and our creative instincts we open ourselves to shared moments of surprise. This is one of the shy unasked for prizes of sharing our imaginations, our healing.  We will be working in physical contact with others, using our bodies and voices.  Come as you are, all ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged!” Stephanie Turner is a dancer and visual artist based in Providence, RI.  She is currently a visiting artist at the Rhode Island School of Design and co-facilitating Contact Improvisation Providence.  Stephanie holds an MFA in choreography and performance from Smith College.

“Circling: An Opportunity for Authentic Connection”

Stay tuned for next date. Circling is a relational meditation practice. It’s a tool used to bring people into deeper connection with each other and to reveal relational blind spots, or patterns of relating that may prevent us from getting the connection we often desire. In circling practice, there is an intention to really get another’s world, to understand what it’s like to be them in this moment, and to not try to change or fix them in any way. It is a practice which may lead to a feeling of being deeply seen. In that sense, it is a practice of vulnerability, and allowing others to be themselves, and allowing ourselves to be as we are. Curiosity and acceptance are two core elements in circling. See a youtube video about circling practice.

Maximum 12 participants. Suggested donation $10-$20 (though pay what you can if that doesn’t work). To reserve your spot email or send donation via PayPal. Come join us for this rich exploration of each other!

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