practitioners @ 116

The following practitioners offer one-on-one and group sessions @ 116:

  • Sema Bruno, Core Energetics: Offering individual, couples & group therapeutic sessions that integrate body-based phsycotherapy and spirituality. Visit for more information or contact:
  • Rebecca Foster, Embody Freedom: Offering one-on-one coaching that integrates movement, mindfulness, laughter & play, giving access and clarity to the heart’s innate wisdom. For more information, visit EF Coaching or contact: .
  • Olivea Martin, Creative Movement: Offering one-on-one expressive art therapy sessions that include movement/dance, writing and drawing exercises that help you re-connect with yourSelf and fully embody your experiences. Contact: .
  • Alexa Iya Soro, Living Loving Being: Offering one-on-one counseling that integrates coaching, yoga & expressive arts to catalyze psycho-spiritual evolution, help you find your heart-song and discover your unique path to wholeness. Find more information here or contact: .
  • Jenn Thomas, InFocus: Offering one-on-one coaching that integrates internal family systems, inquiry, mindfulness and spirituality. Jenn’s primary focus is working with people navigating life transition or in periods of crisis. Contact: .
  • Taryn Wyron, Intuitive Healing: Offering one on one intuitive healing sessions that draw on energetic clearing practices, expressive movement & arts, and creative rituals to deepen your access to flow and vitality. Contact: .

For we have not come here to take prisoners
Or to confine our wondrous spirits, But to experience ever and ever more deeply Our divine courage, freedom and light. –Hafiz

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