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48388590_10158405014221164_1032118415466168320_n-3one sixteen calverly is a creative community studio space located in an old storefront in the Smith Hill neighborhood of Providence, RI. The building has previously been home to a machine shop, a fermentation supply shop & a creative learning center for pre-schoolers. The intimate studio space features a smooth heated wood floor, small galley kitchen as well as an evolving urban landscape (soon to be oasis) in the back.


What is emerging* @ 116?

The studio @ 116 is home to an emerging array of offerings & invitations that revolve around creative community exploration, connection, wellbeing and expression, including:


  • movement, meditation & interpersonal classes /workshops;
  • client sessions & solo-retreats;
  • rehearsals & performance; as well as
  • other (shoe-free) creative community gatherings.

See class offerings, upcoming workshops & events and the 116 calendar for more information.

*emerge / emergent / emergence:


  • from the Latin emergere meaning ‘bring to light’
  • emerge: v., to come into being, to appear, to become known, to become important
  • emergent: adj., arising as more than the sum of causes; cooperation of unlike kinds
  • emergence: n., an entity with properties or behaviors that emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole; characteristics include radical novelty, coherence, a property of “wholeness” and a process that is evolving.

emerging @ 116 = YOU

  • You, the individual, emerging from old stories and habitual ways of moving and being in the world into authentic presence, deep ease and inspired (joyful) action.
  • You, the collective, emerging from rigidity, blame and separation into authentic relationship, deep mutuality and inspired (joyful) community.

one sixteen calverly is creative space for YOU to come into being.


Note: one sixteen calverly aspires to be a welcoming and loving space for all humans. As a community, we recognize that this aspiration is a work in progress and takes intention, humility, kindness, commitment, vulnerability, a spirit of exploration and a willingness to make (and forgive) mistakes in service of individual & collective wholeness. Please reflect on your personal alignment with these values and intentions before (as well as during & after) making use of the space or taking part in offerings.

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